How to De-Stress Your Packing

Packing for a holiday can be stressful. Packing for a challenge can be even worse. But don’t worry here at Choose a Challenge we have it down to a fine art.

1. Before rushing off to North Face or Cotswolds Outdoors to purchase the latest in trekking fashion. Take a moment to print out the kit list for your challenge from the briefing packs (you can find them in our FAQs)  and see what you already have (probably pushed to the back of the draws) or can borrow from friends and family e.g a 35L day pack – you never know you Dad may have one knocking around from that time he tried to go camping.

2. The art of pre-packing. Before you even open your luggage and begin putting things in you need to pre-pack. This is where you get out all the clothes you are planning to take and lay them on your bed. It can be helpful here to sort your clothes into outfits for each day. This not only helps you see if you are over packing or maybe need to bring an extra layer for summit night. It is also useful when you are on your challenge, so that you aren’t wondering what to wear, you already know!

3. Invest in some zip lock bags. This a great for organising your packing. Use one for all your chargers and wires (phone, camera, Kindle etc), use another for all your toiletries for your challenge, a third for toiletries for your extension trip. Others could be used for important items e.g passport, travel insurance, visa documents etc.

4. This next tip is handy if you are heading off on an extension trip after your challenge. Grab a drawstring bag/plastic bag/whatever bag you have handy and put all clothing you are taking for your extension trip in this bag. This easily keeps them separate from your trekking gear and makes it nice and easy when having to put your extension trip clothes in storage.

5. All the remains are to force everything in and sit on your suitcase or push the zip lining as close together as you can in order to close your luggage.

Sidenote – It is best to use your daypack as your carry-on luggage. Make sure you pack in some spare clothes here. Just in case that the airline steals your bag for an extra night!


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